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  • How do you soundproof a studio floor?

    Noise can be a big issue when working in a studio. Whether you are trying to record audio or video, unwanted sound can interfere with your work. There are a lot of things to consider when soundproofing a studio floor.

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  • What Speaker Wire Gauge to Use for Home Audio

    Speaker cables are critical to the operation of a home theatre or music system, although they could be the setup's "least-appreciated" item. When these cables are correctly selected and placed and perform their functions as intended, they go unnoticed. And besides, speaker wires don't really have fancy digital readouts or stylish looks. Most of the…

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  • Advantages Of Hardware EQ Vs Software

    Equalization is among the most basic procedures used in a project. EQs remain essential tools that any artist wants to have in his toolbox. Utilizing EQs to edit your song is critical for attaining clarity and richness, eliminating troublesome frequencies, boosting melodic frequencies, harmonizing different components in a mix, and creatively sculpting melodies. There are…

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  • Studio Microphones for Your Home Studio

    In the initial periods of recording, mics were incredibly expensive. Just high-priced production companies possessed the finest models, and the ones offered to customers left a fair lot to be wished. Over a period of several years, that paradigm evolved considerably, and now there is a wide variety of excellent mics options for home recorders.…

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  • Differences Between Tube and Solid-State Amps

    If you've discovered this page, you're already aware that there are many kinds of amplifiers to consider. You're undoubtedly also aware that there's a lot of contradictory information available on each. This website should assist you in sorting things out. First, some background information: All leading guitar amp makers use either vacuum tube innovation, solid-state…

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  • Choose The Right Vinyl Record Player

    Nothing beats going through the vinyl collection, putting one on the player, and enjoying — or rocking up —your beloved songs.  There is something about listening to a record that transports you to a simplistic era in music history.  Whether you have been gathering vinyl for decades or are a newcomer to the actual world of music,…

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