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Hello, aspiring guest bloggers! Are you absolutely crazy about audio and can’t wait for the chance to share your ideas with the world? Do you enjoy writing? Then we’d love to have you guest blog for us. Here at Perth Device Lab we have a small, but passionate team of writers, who love creating engaging content for our readers. Because we would like to expand our audience’s experience, we’ve decided to feature fresh, authentic voices, that are able to treat each article from a unique perspective and create content that our readers can find inspiration in.

Why should you write for us?

Blogging for Perth Device Lab is a fun way of exposing your name and building your online reputation. If you are a audio specialist or a starting audio blogger, then you already know that credibility is essential in this field. Having your content featured on a niche publication like ours can help you advance your portfolio and bring your name in front of a targeted audience.

Here’s how to submit your application

Before you actually  submit a guest post to us, please take a minute to check out our articles and the tone of voice that we use. When you feel you have familiarized yourself with our content and understood our audience, go ahead and send us one or more topic proposals and explain why you feel you would be a good fit for our publication.

Here’s what happens next

Once your e-mail has been sent, one of our editors will review your application and get back to you with a response. We do our best to respond to every inquiry we receive, however due to the high volume of e-mails that come our way, we are not always able to reply immediately. Therefore, we kindly ask you to be patient while our editors review your submission.

If your topic has been approved, you will receive a more detailed set of guidelines from our editorial team, and you may then proceed to writing the article. Once you’ve finished drafting your guest post, you may send it to us by e-mail in a Word or Google Doc format. Our editors will review it and get back to you with a decision in approximately 7 calendar days. If your blog post needs improvement or simply isn’t suitable enough for our audience, we may ask you to make a few revisions to it.

Once your article has been approved for publication, you will receive an e-mail notification with either the live URL or the date on which it’s been scheduled.

If your content is really good, we may ask you to contribute again.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a contributor on our website and we can’t wait to read your submissions! ♥

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