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What Speaker Wire Gauge to Use for Home Audio

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Speaker cables are critical to the operation of a home theatre or music system, although they could be the setup’s “least-appreciated” item. When these cables are correctly selected and placed and perform their functions as intended, they go unnoticed. And besides, speaker wires don’t really have fancy digital readouts or stylish looks. Most of the time, they are not even apparent. Poor-quality or incompatible speaker cables, on the other hand, may convert a high-end audio/visual system into a costly letdown, providing audio that is not any good than that generated by an HDTV speaker. Read the article below to choose the right speaker wires for your home audio.


The most common query is which speaker wire gauge to use for home audio. Among the key factors to address when choosing on a wire for the stereo system is the AWG of the wire, also known as (American Wire Gauge). The AWG number relates to the diameter of the copper which is used in the wire. The thinner the copper wire, the lesser the gauge number. The majority of speaker cable is 12 AWG – 16 AWG. Therefore, it is critical to utilize the proper gauge for your audio system.

Speaker Wire Features

  • Thickness

One popular comparison for how wires carry electricity is that they are like pipelines through which a flow of charges, or current, travels. With thicker audio cable gauges, there’s much more “space” for electricity to pass, resulting in reduced resistance. There is even a constant connection between speaker cable gauge sizes and resistance, according to the study. For example, the cable thickness reduces to half for three-gauge digits increase: This equates to almost double resistance!

  • Conductivity

You’re probably aware that some substances transmit electricity efficiently than others. One of the finest conductors is 100 percent copper, which seems to be the industry standard and the finest option for speaker cables. Some costly speaker cables include oxygen-free copper, which has been carefully polished. It does not shrink or enlarge with the temperature rise and is said to provide better audio output.

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What Gauge of Speaker Wire Should I Utilize?

The gauge seems to be the most typical spot to commence when choosing speaker wire as it matters most in speaker cables. However, individuals may follow a different set of rules. Most music lovers, for example, choose 14 gauge, whereas others employ more sophisticated calculations to determine what they will install. Keep in mind that a bigger cable never truly degrades audio quality. It might even be necessary for lengthy periods!  While moving down a few gauges seems to be more costly, and it is an excellent method to get hi-fi sound.


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